Dick Allen Award

In 2006, MDAEF first honored exceptional service to Alternative Education with the Dick Allen Award in recognition of Mr. Allen’s long career as a teacher, administrator, and school board member. Unfortunately in 2016, Dick passed away. His legacy of remarkable support and kindness for all students continues with this Award.

Honorees include esteemed community members:






2006 Dick Allen Longtime MDUSD teacher, administrator, School Board member, and supporter of Alternative Education
2007 Andrew Johnson Comcast VP and strong supporter of Alternative Education
2008 Peggy Raisbeck Becklam Foundation President, Epitome of volunteerism and service to others
2009 Alice Bonner Founding President of MDAEF
2010 George Miller United States Congressman
2011 Not awarded
2012 Neil Stratton Retired Captain, Walnut Creek Police
2013 Lesley Stiles & Stephanie Jacobs Gardening/Nutrition volunteerism at Willow Creek Center
2014 Pete Tormey Long time Treasurer/Founding Member MDAEF, outstanding fundraiser and supporter of Alternative Education
2015 Martha Riley Former teacher, High School Principal and MDAEF Board Member, longtime volunteer for students in Alternative Education
2016 Carol Fidler Former Teacher, Counselor and Administrator; MDAEF Secretary & President; longtime volunteer for students in Alternative Education




Alice Bonner & Pete Tormey













 Carol Fidler & Pete Tormey