Teacher Grants



Pat Yoshiwara Crossroads Aleks Math program 500
Misha Safran Horizons CIS Interdisciplinary Tech Grant 923
Monica Fliehmann Horizons CIS    
Nancy Coffee Prospect    
Nancy Coffee Prospect Project Based Interdisciplinary Projects 953
Sol Henik Prospect    
Noel Rohland Horizons CIS    
Peri Curtis Olympic Primary & Secondary Resources 498
Resources for Women’s Studies/ Racial  
    Equality Unit  
Total     2,874






Angela Hunter Gateway 3D Printer for Video productions 500
Megan Rich/Jonah Stullman Olympic/Alliance Silk Screen for Art class and team uniforms 1000
Noel Rohlande/Michael Clause CIS/Prospect Science Lab 1000
Diane Randall Summit Math Manipulatives 500
Meredith Lyon Crossroads Chromebooks for reading program 500
Total     3,500



Jessica Preciado & Meridith Lyon Crossroads Smart Moms Read 1,000
Pat Yoshiwara Crossroads Atomic Aprons 500
Monica Fliehmann & Tony Gallardo Horizons CIS Video Production equipment 500
Noel Rohland CIS (& Prospect) Chemistry equipment and reagents 500
Total     2,500


Angela Hunter Gateway iPad for PSA Project 444
Jory Sydlaske Horizons Fine Arts Experience 500
Megan Rich Olympic Mural Art Projects 500
Michael Clause Prospect Light Microsopes 500
Total     1,944


Ron Mikuni Alliance Science equipment and materials 500
Royce Anderson NVSTLC PE testing equipment 250
Megan Rich Olympic Art Display Boards 160
Hillary Twitchell & Murray Weiss Horizons H S Skill Tutor Software 500
Nancy Kracjar Olympic School garden 500
Christine Ulrichsen & Pat Yoshiwara & Nora Poulter Crossroads School garden including Hydroponics 750
Total     2,660



Angela Hunter & Ken Cambier Gateway “Say It Straight” Training 1,000
Sol Henrik & Michael Clause Prospect Science Lab Showcase & Myth Busters Trip 1,000
Jory Sydlaske Horizons Shakespeare Matinees & Museum Trips 500
Samantha Allen Crossroads Sewing Project Equipment 500
Christine Ulrichsen Crossroads Microscope and Attachable Camera 500
Sandra Spaulding & Carol Clark Nueva Vista/Summit Antibullying Curriculum 1,000
Cristina da Silva Nueva Vista/Summit Science Lab Equipment 500
Eric Reames & Robin Swanston Olympic/Alliance Literature Anthology Texts 1,000
Eric Carter Olympic/Alliance “Why Try It” Curriculum 500
Donna Rivers Olympic/Alliance Writing Skills Materials 500
Sheila Navarro & Dave Cabezas Olympic Young Adult Novels for Classroom Libraries 1,000
Teri Cooper Olympic Aquarium Kits and Beta Fish 411
Jesse Forsland Olympic “A Long Way Gone” class set 271
Megan Rich Olympic 4 Cameras & DVD of Pinkie Jones’ Photography 500
David Giordano Olympic Set of Novels 331
Total     9,513


Samantha Allen Crossroads Phonics materials 500
Christine Ulrichsen Crossroads Models of the human body 500
Yvonne Bach Olympic Micro-viewers and slides 500
Nancy Krajcar Olympic Teacher training for field trip 300
Megan Rich Olympic Tabletop art supplies 450
Eric Johnson Alliance Cooking supplies for Iron Chef competition 500
Ron Mikuni Alliance Lab equipment 500
Donna Rivers Alliance Career exploration and preparation materials 500
Total     3,750